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Alcohol Policy Consulting with Dr. Thompson

Consultant Bio: 

As an experienced alcohol policy consultant, Dr. Kara Thompson brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for fostering responsible and evidence-based alcohol-related practices. Dr. Thompson holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Victoria and boasts 15+ years of experience in the alcohol field. She has a comprehensive understanding of local, provincial, and federal regulations that govern the alcohol industry and has successfully worked with postsecondary institutions to align their campus alcohol policies with evidence-based practice. 

Known for her collaborative approach, Dr. Thompson works closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and provide actionable and tailored recommendations. She has extensive knowledge mobilization experience communicating to stakeholders in education and public health sectors.

She also has methodological expertise in survey development, data management and quantitative methods to assist clients in making sense of institutional data on student substance use.

Available Services:

Dr. Thompson can assist your educational institution in navigating the complexities of alcohol regulations. Her consulting services are being offered to ensure your campus alcohol policies are tailored to your institutional context and support a culture of moderation, including: 

  • a comprehensive review of your campus alcohol policies 

  • an alcohol policy needs assessment to determine what policies are missing

  • recommendations for strengthening your campus alcohol policies to align with evidence-based best practice

  • a detailed report highlighting your campus policy strengths and weaknesses

  • a presentation of key findings and recommendations

  • assistance in developing an implementation and evaluation plan for policy changes

  • managing, analyzing, synthesizing, and making sense of institutional data

All consultations and assessments are conducted with the utmost confidentiality, respecting the sensitive nature of your institutional reputation and business operations. 

Example of completed projects: 

A sample campus-specific report can be found here:

Download PDF • 305KB

Enhance your campus alcohol prevention efforts with Dr. Kara Thompson. Contact her today for a tailored consultation:


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